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Insight: Syrian Refugee Camp / Food Adulteration / Pet Tales: Acupuncture / Musical History of the Blues

Published April 24, 2013

Syrian Refugees - Events in Boston have moved some of our international news further out of the headlines, but UC Davis Professor Keith Watenpaugh just returned from the massive Zataari refugee camp in Jordan. We'll talk with him about what he saw and how these Syrian refugees, a lot of them young people, are doing.

Food Adulteration - How much pomegranate juice is actually in what's marketed as "pomegranate juice?" Or lemon juice in lemon juice and olive oil in olive oil? Capital Public Radio Food Reporter Elaine Corn attended a conference called "Fighting Economic Adulteration in the Marketplace" at the Robert Mondavi Food & Wine Institute this week and we'll hear about this "reality check" for some common everyday food products.

Pet Tales: Acupuncture - How do you feel about acupuncture? Do you think it's for the dogs? Well, turns out it is. And the cats and horses too. Acupuncture is used in pets to treat chronic conditions, including as a complementary treatment for cancer therapies. It's also helps with pain and improving appetite. Pet expert Gina Spadafori joins us with pet acupuncture specialist Madeline Yamate to explain how exactly sticking needles in an animal helps improve its health.

Musical History of the Blues - Blues musician Gary Mendoza is teaming with several professional and student musicians from the Sacramento Area to present a theatrical history of the blues. Young musicians like Todd Morgan will be playing the music -and character- of blues icons from the 1920's to the 1950's. "A Musical History of the Blues" is free and taking place at Sheldon High School Saturday evening. Mendoza and Morgan join us in our studio to perform some of the music from the show and explain what the event is all about.


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